​​​​​​​​Covid-19 Related Regulations and Procedures: What we’re doing at Puddle Jumpers Academy

Children 2+ are strongly encouraged to wear masks throughout the day. They do not wear them during snack and meal times, during outdoor activity, or at quiet/rest times. We ask that you please provide a mask for your children to wear on a daily basis, and a spare in a Ziplock bag in their backpack (in case it gets dirty, or breaks). 

We are working with everyone on extra handwashing. After initially sanitizing our hands at drop off, the children are also instructed to wash their hands upon arrival to their classroom. Additionally, we wash before and after activities both inside and out, before and after meal times, and if we sneeze, cough, or wipe our nose. 

                                                                       We reinforce this by singing our “Handwashing Song”.

                                                                              All staff, parents, and children get their

                                                                                 temperatures checked in the morning

                                                                     (and staff when they return from their lunch breaks). 

COVID-19 screening questions, to determine whether someone must be excluded:

  • Have you had any close contact with someone diagnosed in the last 14 Days?

  • Have you had any fever reducing medications?

  • Do you have: a cough, shortness of breath or trouble breathing?

  • At least two of the following symptoms: headache, fever, muscle pain, chills, repeated shaking with chills, new loss of taste or smell?

  • Does anyone in your family/household have any of those symptoms?

  • If exclusion is deemed essential, you must seek medical attention. A doctor’s note is required for your child’s return to school.

Please contact us when your child is sick so we are aware of their symptoms, conditions, and your action plan for seeking medical attention. Additionally, it is imperative we’re aware of anything that might need to be reported to the Department of Health, so that we can take any necessary precautions/measures. 

We are happy to report that our Puddle Jumpers family is all still healthy and safe. We thank our staff and parents for their compliance with the state's rules and regulations, and adherence to all guidelines given to keep each other safe during this uncertain time. 

We are sanitizing high contact touch points every hour in each classroom including door knobs, handles, diaper changing tables, toilets, light switches, etc. All toys are cleaned and sanitized at the end of each use. 

Children have individual art supplies (watercolors, pencils, crayons) so we limit sharing during art projects. If art smocks are provided, they’re stored in each child’s individual cubby. 

Lunches for Pre-School, Pre-K, and Kindergarten must be cold, and self-contained in a lunch bag with blue ice, so we are not storing in the school refrigerator, or heating on site. 

Meals for Infants – Older Toddlers may be stored in their classroom refrigerators, and can be heated on site. 

All items, except sunscreen, diapers and wipes go home each day. 

Sheets and blankets are provided by the school only, no outside items are permitted, and are collected and washed daily. 

Our Air Conditioning Filters were replaced on all three systems, and the entire HVAC system received preventative maintenance in July. 

PJA is professionally cleaned by a service that comes at the end of each day, after hours, to clean and sanitize all classrooms and offices. 

As per state regulations, no visitors are allowed in the school, therefore we had to cancel all of our camp visitors for the summer program. No parents, visitors, tours, or interviews enter the building (only after hours).

After screening each morning, children are delivered to their classrooms by a member of the Puddle Jumpers staff. At the end of each day, parents are asked to call 5-10 minutes prior to your arrival, so we can bring your child(ren) out to you.

We are working on evaluating our Pick Up and Drop Off procedure as we have more families return. New information will be sent out to staff and families with our plan to accommodate a higher volume."

It is essential that the lines of communication remain open between Puddle Jumpers staff and our families. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions/concerns regarding the policies we have in place so we can properly plan for future accommodations. As this is a constantly changing and fluid situation, our policies and plans will be updated/changed as necessary, or as ordered by the Department of Health, Office of Licensing, or Governor. 

If your child wakes up sick, please contact the school at 856-722-8999 no later than 11am as we have to report our attendance to the state by that time. Please inform us of your child’s condition, symptoms, and your medical action plan. 

Due to the new regulations surrounding COVID, we are currently unable to store/administer fever reducing medications. We aren’t looking to mask any possible symptoms. 

This is a constantly changing and fluid situation. Updates will be made to this policy, as needed or as required by state licensing or the Governor.