Ms. Allie

  • Pursuing a degree in Business Administration
  • Dream of opening up my own business in Cosmotology
  • Very creative
  • Has a big family and loves children.

​Assistant Pre-K Teacher

​Assistant Older Toddler Teacher

Ms. Brenda



  • Loves working with children and helping others
  • Two children
  • Three grandchildren
  • Avid reader
  • Enjoys crafts and fishing

Ms. Liane

  • Pursuing an Associate Degree in Preschool Education.
  • Looking forward to gaining additional experience at PJA.
  • Future goal is to open my own childcare center.

Ms. Shannon


  • Child Development Associate Certified (CDA)
  • Para Professional of the Year for South Jersey in 2013
  • 15+ years experience working with special needs children
  • Loves working with children
  • Creative. Paints murals and faces.
  • Loves to cook

Assistant Older Toddler Teacher


  • Pursing a degree in Child Psychology from Georgian Court University.
  • Completed classes in Early Childhood Development.
  • Assisted with Faster Care Program.
  • Community service opportunities with children's hospitals, Boys and Girls Club and reading to elementary students.

Ms. Debbie

  • Graduate of Camden High School.
  • Loves children and children.
  • Enjoys watching old movies and favorite T.V. shows.
  • Likes shopping at the Mall.

Assistant Older Toddler Teacher

  • Pursuing a degree in Elementary Education at Rowan University at Burlington County.
  • Five years+ experience caring for young children.
  • Two years working at the Cherry Hill Health and Racquetball Club in the childcare center.
  • ​Passion is irking with children and watching
  • them grow and learn.​​​​
  • ​Enjoys spending time with family and friends.​​

Assistant Infant Teacher

Ms. Shah

  • ​Five+ years experience working with children.
  • Loves spending time with family, cooking and traveling
  • Loves teaching, playing and caring for babies.
  • Married 7+ years 
  • ​Mother of a beautiful daughter (6+ yrs)
  • ​Speaks English and Persain

Ms. Briana

  • Volunteer Firefighter at two stations.
  • Helped raise siblings.
  • Believes children should have the best education while still having fun.
  • Fun, loving and caring.
  • Always looking for opportunities to learn new things.

PreSchool Lead Teacher

Ms. Cheyenne

  • Pursuing a degree in Human Services.
  • Camp Counselor at a children's camp for 2 years.
  • Library volunteer to read with children.
  • Enjoys working the children. 

Assistant Pre-K Teacher

Kindergarten Teacher/Camp Supervisor

Assistant Older ToddlerTeacher

Ms. Jenn


  • Nursing Assistant Certification
  • Daycare provider for more than nine years
  • Experience with all ages
  • ​Mother of twin boys

Ms. Bekah

  • Enjoys helping children find creative concepts by using their imaginations.
  • Loves Disney movies and songs.
  • Planning to return to school to complete her Bachelors Degree.
  • Hobbies include 3D Brix Puzzles; drawing and crafts.
  • ​Sunday School teacher.

Ms. Ray

  • Bachelors Degree in Digital Media
  • ​6+ years experience working with young children
  • Loves sea turtles, pizza and finger-painting.

Closer/Support Staff

Assistant Young Toddler Teacher

On-Site Owner

My name is Lori Cassidy and I am the owner and on site director of Puddle Jumpers Academy.  Opening a preschool has been my dream.  My passion is to be able to make a difference with children and to be able to support working parents and have a little fun.      

I want your children to be happy to see you at the end of the day and tell you all about their day over dinner.  My daughter, Lilly, is part of the Pre-K class and she is very excited about the big school and having Ms. Jamie as her teacher.    

I feel it is important that you know a little about me and my credentials to establish trust and build credibility in the individual that you select to entrust your children to while you are working.  I earned a B.S. in Elementary Education from West Chester University and a Master’s degree in Human Resources from Widener University.  I earned the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) credential and have 20 years of HR experience, passed the Principal Administration exam, and have been a Foster Parent since July 2009. 

My professional career has included positions in Operations, Training & Development and Human Resources.  The position I enjoyed the most was the Director of Corporate Schools for The Goddard Schools.  My role was the direct supervision and accountability for 12 Corporate schools in the PA & NJ area extending out to Harrisburg and up to Wall.  The goal of my position at Goddard was to work with Directors to develop business skills and prepare the locations for divesture to franchisees. The Goddard experience instilled high standards in execution of curriculum, quality assurance standards, and employee training and development, which are all key components here at Puddle Jumpers Academy.  

Selecting and developing the best team possible to teach and work with your children is a key priority.  We do not want to have teacher turnover which then impact’s your child, unless it is news that a teacher has been promoted.  Our teaching team works together on weekly themes and coordinating events to create a consistent message throughout the building and then adjust activities for their age group.  

At Puddle Jumpers Academy we want to celebrate the holidays and create memories for your child and you.  I am looking forward to the Halloween Parade, a Thanksgiving Feast and Holiday program.  Our hours and holiday schedule are designed to support families.  My mom was a nurse and I know it can be tough for early morning hours: we open at 6:30 am.  As a working mom who commuted the Schuylkill Expressway, I know how traffic can take a turn and that feeling you get when you know you are running late: just call me I will be here and we are open until 6:30 pm.    

We will celebrate Parent’s Night Out on the first Saturday of the month to help support a little fun for both you and your children.  Parent’s Night out will also provide the opportunity to meet other parents from the school and develop a parent network.

Stop in for a visit and meet the team!  We would love to share the Puddle Jumpers experience with you and your child. 


Assistant Teacher Young Toddlers

Opener/Assistant Young Toddler Teacher

Ms. Meghan

Facilities/​Support Staff

Ms. Hailey

  • Pursing a degree in Psychology from Rowan University (Junior).
  • Over four years of experience working with young children.
  • Loves to sing and dance, especially with the children.
  • Loves working with children of all ages.
  • First Aid Certified.

Lead Walker Teacher/School Closer

Assistant Director

Assistant Walker Teacher

Ms. Christy

Ms. Maddie

  • Mother of an adorable toddler.
  • Loves exploring and going on adventures.
  • Loves working with children.
  • An avid Hula Hooper, Musician and Singer.
  • Has cared for and worked with children for years.

Ms. Shaquanna




Ms. Selena

  • Attended Burlington County Institute of Technology for Carpentry.
  • Currently attending Rowan University at Burlington County for Elementary Education.
  • Has Five Siblings.
  • Worked in Infant care for 3+ years.​​

Assistant Infant Teacher

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our Talented Teaching Team


We have an awesome staff of teachers, assistant teachers, and college students who work together as a team to give our students an exceptional educational experience!

Assistant Director: Ms. Mia

Infants:  Ms. Jenn, Ms. Briana,Ms. Cheyenne and Ms. Tatyana

Walkers: Ms. Selena, Ms. Shah, Ms. Kelli, Ms. Christy

Young Toddlers: Ms. Gabrielle, Ms. Allie, Ms. Miranda and Ms. Megan

Toddlers: Ms. Taylor, Ms. Ray, Ms. and Ms. Meghan

PreSchool: Ms. Shannon, Ms. Hailey and Ms. Brenda

PreK: Mrs. Crystal, Ms. Maddie and Ms. Bekah

Kindergarten:Mrs. Michelle

Support Staff/Floater: ​Ms. Liane

Openers: Ms. Meghan and Ms. Allie

Curriculum: Ms. Nancy


Ms. Gabrielle

  • Five + years of experience working with children in early childhood education and family Nanny.
  • Mother to infant and toddler daughters who inspire her as a mother and educator.
  • Passion for learning new things.
  • Love of all types of Art.

Ms. Vickie

Interviewing Now:

Full Time: Lead Pre-K Teacher

​Part Time Assistant Toddler Teachers

2:30PM -6:30PM

Assistant Walker Teacher

Young Toddler Lead Teacher

Assistant Walker Teacher

Ms. Mia

  • B.A. in The Social Context of Public Communications with a minor in Film Studies.
  • Child Development Associate Certification
  • Two + years teaching Pre-Kindergarten
  • Assistant Director at a previous school.
  • Enjoys cooking, reading, watching movies and spending time with her family.
  • Loves working with children of all ages and getting to know the families that make up the community.

Pre-K Lead Teacher

​Assistant Preschool Teacher

​​​Ms. Crystal 


  • B.A. in Business
  • Pursuing M.A. in Elementary Education
  • Nine years working with children in camps and Church.
  • Over four years teaching Pre-Kindergarten
  • Graduated from French Culinary Institute with a degree in Pastry Arts
  • Enjoy baking for family and friends

Ms. Miranda

  • Worked in Childcare for 2+years.
  • Loves working with children.
  • Loves to sing and dance.
  • Enjoys her very big family.

Assistant PreschoolTeacher

​​​​Ms. Megan

  • Been working with children since 2006
  • Mother of a 3+ year old and infant girls.
  • Loves working with children
  • Graduated Rancocas Valley Regional High School

Ms. Kelli




  • Pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education (Junior).
  • 2+ years experience working with young children.
  • Dream job is being a First Grade Teacher.
  • Loves kids, movies, pizza and the color yellow.

Infant Lead Teacher

Ms. Tatyana

  • Pursuing a degree in the medical field.
  • ​Loves and adores working with children.
  • Enjoys spending time with family and friends​.

Assistant Infant Teacher

Ms. Nancy

  • 20+ years in early childhood education
  • National Teacher of the Year for Kiddie Academy 2012
  • Pre-Kindergarten teacher for 9+ years, Toddler and Pre-School teacher for 7 years
  • Curriculum Supervisor for Toddler and Pre-School programs
  • Developed and implemented an art program; cooking and nutrition program and a Pre-K Phonics and Reading program.
  • Taught phonics and math enrichment to 3 - 6 year olds
  • Gymnastics teacher for 3-7 year olds.
  • Mentored new teachers
  • Married 35+ years with 2 children
  • Freelance and graphic artist

Assistant Older Toddler Teacher


  • Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice.
  • Nanny for 9 years.
  • Loves to run marathons, camp and try new food.
  • Returning to school to pursue a Masters Degree in School Counseling.​​​​​

Ms. Michelle


  • ​​B.A. in Elementary Education and Writing Arts
  • Special Education endorsement
  • Six plus years teaching Pre-K, Kindergarten and special needs.
  • Experience tutoring special needs and autistic children.
  • ​Loves animals
  • Enjoys reading and playing board games

Ms. Taylor

  • Pursuing a degree in Elementary Education.
  • Experience working with a Middle School Special Education program.
  • Enjoys working with children of all ages.
  • Avid reader.
  • Loves the Flyers, Eagles and Philly teams.